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Switch plates are one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of updating the looks of a home for many home owners. Anyone can spice up their homes with the use of switch plates and therefore, you do not have to haul out buckets of paint and cover everything in the room. Setting up switch plates is a take that can be accomplished over a weekend with the help of a screwdriver. 


Switch plate cover is a commonly overlooked d?cor. This is because many people are accustomed to the white or beige switch plate covers which are found in many homes. Therefore, people do not take the time to think of how they can replace them to change the appearance of the house. A change of switch plates can transform the appearance of your home. 


There are very many options of switch plate covers one can choose from. In addition to blending with the wall, the switch plates become an attraction and help one to easily locate switches. This is important in rooms where people struggle to locate switches. The moment you put some jazzy switch plates covers in place; you will have eliminated this problem. The choice of switch plates ranges from the plain ones to the fine ones. Besides, you can choose to stick with the ones that are simple like a solitary paint that compliments the space as compared to the old tired beige and white. 


When changing your switch plates, you may also consider changing the electrical switches behind them. This may include adding dimmer switches to lights to create a softer look which is appropriate for a romantic dinner. Also, you can opt to put up full power when the family is having dinner. The most important thing is buying a light switch that matches your switch plate covers. 


Besides, always ensure that the switch covers you want to use are large enough so that it can sufficiently cover the whole in the wall that holds the box and the switch into place. When buying a switch plate, you should bring one of the ones you are using to the store so that you can go here and make a comparison of the size as well as the spacing of the holes. This will help make your work easier in ensuring that it looks good. 


Lastly, when changing your switch plates, you should also click and consider changing other face plates in the room. Matching the outlets with the new switch plates covers in the room can help give your room a finished accented look.


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